Real blogs


Man, I really do like blogs… I mean, real weblogs, right, where people write about their lives, their experiences, what they’re thinking about. Awesome.


Tweets vs blog posts

BTW, what the hell was I thinking when I engaged in that Twitter exchange, I posted about here earlier? I mean, I was not listening, he was not listening and (oh, quelle surprise!) nobody actually cared about who said what anyway, I saw after checking the stats of my tweets.

And I think that that is where a big difference lies between tweets en blog posts. In tweets I’ll have a much bigger chance of seeing a remark by someone I probably don’t know that well, did not really take a closer look at, can not see where they are coming from, do not want or need to know where they are coming from, etc. etc.

With blogging that is different, I like to think. The very nature and dynamics of how blogs work, makes for a different approach by both readers and posters. I have yet to come across blog posts (although I am sure they are out there) that have a nasty tone of voice, either in the post itself, or in the comments below it.

And maybe that is because as a blogger, I feel more like the owner of my blog, my collection of posts, thoughts, and even the reactions of ‘my’ visitors. It is my address, my place, my online home.


Last Saturday I went with my wife to Wassenaar, near The Hague, here in the Netherlands, so she could cast her vote in the Indonesian presidential elections. Yesterday the voting in Indonesia itself took place and based on the quick count today the results are in: looks like another term for Jokowi.