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Comfort zone

“Do something that is out of your comfort zone.” I hear that a lot, read it a lot. It is supposed to get you out of your rut, make you see new things, experience new things.

But I think it’s too easy, too simple. ‘Out of your comfort zone’ becomes this excuse to make you do stuff that you actually really do not want to do. And for good reason. It might be just not you, or it is completely against your beliefs, or it makes you really – wait for it – uncomfortable.

Do something you would normally not do, do something you would like to do but think is too hard, try a new approach to solve some problem that you really want to be solved – now that is advice that makes sense to me. Doing something with a purpose, not randomly stepping out, that is a way better way to get somewhere in life.

Crafty communication

About more clarity. Some days ago we had a power outage in the morning. When the power finally came back up I looked up the Twitter account of the power company and asked them what the cause of the outage was.

They answered that they didn’t know that yet and that were investigating. There was a special information page for this outage on which they’re keeping track of the status of the problem. When I checked back yesterday however, the cause was still ‘unknown’.

So I tweeted again at the power company. (Yes, I can be that annoying.) They answered that, at this time, the only thing that they knew about it was that the problem was a sudden malfunction that occurred all by itself.

How about this answer? It looks like they are actually saying something, but in fact they’re saying that they still don’t know what happened. Real crafty. Communication is definitely a profession.

On clarity and taking your time

Not so long ago it would be clear: if a politician told you something, you took it with a grain of salt, knowing that he or she has an agenda. If a journalist told you something it had to be factual at the least. If a novelist or a filmmaker told you something, it was a story, something to be entertained by or to learn something from.

Even when blogs came around, you kind of knew (and know) how to read what they wrote. It is some personal experience, an opinion, some prose or maybe even a poem.

Now, social media have muddied the waters considerably and we are left confused. Who is saying what? And are they actually saying this? Or did someone somehow hijack the account? What is their agenda? Or are they trolling? But what if it is true? And how has it been published,? And promoted? And how many people are ‘liking’ it? And what does this and that person say about it? – Oh! then it must be true… and… and… and…

I like clarity. I like pacing, taking the time to give something the proper amount of attention. Can we get to that again? Or have we lost it forever or until the great Apocalypse?

Not there

Yesterday, because it was the first Monday of the month, I could observe my daughter’s swim training session.

Something I noticed (and not for the first time): lots of parents are not actually ‘there’. They are on their phone, checking their social media accounts or email or playing a game or what not. But not paying attention at all at the progress their children have made.

I think it’s a question of interest, involvement and pride, right? You want to see how they’re doing. See if they improved their technique, their speed, their strength.

Not see how your ‘friends’ are doing on Facebook, Instagram or wherever. Just be there for that short amount of time. You both deserve it.

Euro sign on Lubuntu

I am now using Lubuntu 18.10 on my private laptop. I wanted to type the euro sign €, but every (Windows) combination I could think of didn’t produce this. So, after lots of Googling… the solution that worked for me is: [Alt Gr] + 5.

And the [Alt Gr] key is — at least on my keyboard — the right Alt-key, next to the space bar. Press this, together with the number 5 key at the top row with numbers and… voilà!)