Real blogs


Man, I really do like blogs… I mean, real weblogs, right, where people write about their lives, their experiences, what they’re thinking about. Awesome.


Shaking it up at Bali

Currently we’re still at Bali, now at Tanah Lot, after first visiting Ubud. Tomorrow we’ll leave again for Nusa Dua.

While we were at Tanah Lot an earthquake (M 5.7) hit Bali, but luckily didn’t do a lot of damage. The sliding doors of our apartment shook, like someone was violently trying to slide them open even though they were still locked, but that was about it.

So, we’re safe and about to go on to our last place to stay at Bali. After that we’ll return to Java, to Tangerang, where we’ll stay till the end of our trip.

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I was thinking, what’s with all the drones in the sky here at Bali? Turns out they’re kites. Man, I really need to change my mindset. Relaaaaax.

Perfect weather

It’s a nice 33°C in the shadow today. But the new lawnmower came in today, today is my day off and the grass really is too long, so what needs to be done, needs to be done.

Good training for the trip to Indonesia Nuri, Atta and I are going to take soon. (Nah, not really. Different heat, less scorching.)

It’s been like this the last three, four summers. So anybody saying climate change isn’t a real thing: you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

And since we’re living in a country with big parts of it below sea level, that is a concern, yes. Good thing we have awesome engineers, that as far as I can tell (and really, really hope) are on top of things.